If you see a unit that might fit your needs, please contact us for more details, price and availability. Not all our inventory is listed as we receive transformers weekly. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us as we may have it in stock or we may be able to locate one that will meet your needs.

High Voltage Low Voltage Type KVA Imp Taps Stk#
2400277/480Y3 Ph Sub5004.82 AB811904
2400277/480Y3 Ph Sub5005.52 AB302690
2400277/480Y3 Ph Sub2255.62 AB814609
2400240/4803 Ph Sub1504.22 AB814598
2400277/480Y3 Ph Pole754.72 AB355133
24004803 Ph Pad754.04BN355732
24004603 Ph Sub5005.72 AB814699
24004803 Ph Pad3005.82 AB813431
2400277/480Y3 Ph Pad1124.12 AB358658
2400277/480Y3 Ph Pole753.42 AB355134
24004803 Ph Sub5004.82 AB811926
2400277/480Y3 Ph Pad5003.22 AB814099
2400277/480Y3 Ph Pole753.82 AB355141
2400120/208Y3 Ph Sub1502.22 AB814601
2400277/480Y3 Ph Sub2254.02 AB814599
2400277/480Y3 Ph Pole753.52 AB355144
2400277/480Y3 Ph Pad5005.62 AB815073
2400120/208Y3 Ph Pad3003.12 AB355150
24004803 Ph Sub5004.82 AB355152
2400277/480Y3 Ph Pad5005.72 AB356061
2400277/480Y3 Ph Sub5002.82 AB357047
2400277/480Y3 Ph Pole2254.0No Tap358098
4160277/480Y3 Ph Pad2253.42 AB358391
4160120/208Y3 Ph Pad752.62 AB302526
4160120/208Y3 Ph Pole452.9SPE355146
4160277/480Y3 Ph Dry3003.22 AB814776
4160120/208Y3 Ph Dry1124.62 AB814770
41604803 Ph Dry2254.02 AB814774
4160277/480Y3 Ph Sub3001.72 AB813540
4160277/480Y3 Ph Pad2251.92 AB356988
4160277/480Y3 Ph Sub3005.02 AB347363
41604803 Ph Pad752.92 AB157007
4160277/480Y3 Ph Pole751.62 AB195575
4160277/480Y3 Ph Pole751.62 AB195582
4160277/480Y3 Ph Sub5005.72 AB357721
4160Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad5004.8No Tap813682
4160Y4803 Ph Pad754.04BN355732
4160Y120/2403 Ph Pad751.84BN276214
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