If you see a unit that might fit your needs, please contact us for more details, price and availability. Not all our inventory is listed as we receive transformers weekly. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us as we may have it in stock or we may be able to locate one that will meet your needs.

High Voltage Low Voltage Type KVA Imp Taps Stk#
120004803 Ph Pole1502.12 AB126042
120004803 Ph Sub5005.022 AB814551
120004803 Ph Pole2252.22 AB335466
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad2253.92 AB356704
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub5004.82 AB814611
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub5005.6SPE814291
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad1123.92 AB350416
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad2253.32 AB339308
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub5006.32 AB811699
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad1125.82 AB809145
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad2252.132 AB316563
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad2254.742 AB316560
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad22522 AB316564
12470480 T3 Ph Pole1122.2No Tap808823
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad2253.52 AB814335
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad1503.32 AB324193
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pole5005.02 AB294227
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad1504.62 AB813342
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad2255.02 AB357391
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad5004.3No Tap357638
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3001.7No Tap357640
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1501.62 AB358275
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad5004.5No Tap358457
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1501.7No Tap358458
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad5004.82 AB813682
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.4No Tap340236
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3001.6No Tap358641
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3005.62 AB813677
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.3No Tap346277
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1505.1No Tap348774
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3003.422 AB813968
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad1501.7No Tap335399
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad752.4No Tap358654
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad2251.6No Tap358640
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad1501.7No Tap335400
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad1501.7No Tap335405
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad1501.7No Tap335409
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad1501.7No Tap335410
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.1No Tap346275
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad5001.9No Tap358638
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad452.0No Tap314266
12470Y120/2403 Ph Pad1121.7No Tap347468
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad5002.52 AB354984
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1123.72 AB332995
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3001.6No Tap358639
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.4No Tap346276
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3002.062 AB812963
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1121.8No Tap357185
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad751.1No Tap346064
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3004.4No Tap281566
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad753.22 AB326685
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3001.5No Tap339382
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad1502.2No Tap340836
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad752.82 AB339339
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad752.82 AB339348
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad752.82 AB339351
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad1502.1No Tap340984
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3002.2No Tap340985
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3001.6No Tap358642
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3002.3No Tap340986
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3002.5No Tap348381
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad5001.9No Tap358643
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.1No Tap348383
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad5002.2No Tap359553
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3002.02 AB354383
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.4No Tap344819
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad752.5No Tap344821
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.4No Tap344822
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3002.2No Tap343261
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3002.1No Tap347465
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad1122.62 AB354384
12470Y2403 Ph Pad1503.12 AB350247
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1503.22 AB352841
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3004.42 AB357392
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3004.22 AB354497
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad451.8No Tap351722
12470Y4803 Ph Pad753.0No Tap352137
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad2253.3No Tap357341
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3002.72 AB342475
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad752.82 AB339334
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.1No Tap338905
12470Y120/2403 Ph Pad1501.6No Tap347357
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad751.7No Tap337809
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad751.62 AB339067
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad5005.62 AB815287
21600Y/12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad1501.8No Tap335412
select substring(Style#,6,3) as HV_extract,* from tblTrinv where (TYPE like '3%') and (kva <= 500) and substring(Style#,6,3) in ('120', '124', '123') order by HV