If you see a unit that might fit your needs, please contact us for more details, price and availability. Not all our inventory is listed as we receive transformers weekly. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us as we may have it in stock or we may be able to locate one that will meet your needs.

High Voltage Low Voltage Type KVA Imp Taps Stk#
13200120/208Y3 Ph Pad1501.92 AB233815
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad2251.72 AB232217
1320024003Ph Sub5004.72 AB805901
132004803 Ph Pole151.4SPE162304
132004803 Ph Pole152SPE162306
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad2254.9%2 AB283850
13200120/208Y3 Ph Sub5004.842 AB342235
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad2254.452 AB344241
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad5004.84BN813244
13200120/208Y3 Ph Pad753.92 AB303300
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad2254.432 AB813322
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad5004.34BN333999
13200120/208Y3 Ph Pad452.22 AB337110
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad5004.92 AB337138
13200120/208Y3 Ph Pad3004.72 AB340093
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad1506.22 AB339337
13200120/208Y3 Ph Pad2252.42 AB339347
13200120/208Y3 Ph Pad1125.02 AB339350
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad751.52 AB341422
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad5005.82 AB350678
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad2251.72 AB350679
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad5005.212 AB815244
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad5002.42 AB354983
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1122.1No Tap354981
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3002.4No Tap354995
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3002.1No Tap354992
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1122.1No Tap354994
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.1No Tap354993
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3002.6No Tap354991
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad1502.1No Tap344805
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3002.2No Tap344808
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.42 AB348384
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad2252.2No Tap340838
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad5003.62 AB339349
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad5002.22 AB339346
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3002.3No Tap340831
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3004.32 AB339336
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1503.12 AB339335
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad5002.8%2 AB338906
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad2252.3No Tap338908
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.682 AB337113
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1503.22 AB337114
13200Y4803 Ph Sub5004.92 AB333998
13200Y4803 Ph Sub5004.82 AB334012
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad503.22 AB243845
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3002.4No Tap348377
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad3002.1No Tap354986
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1122.5No Tap340232
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad5003.62 AB242147
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad2252.32 AB266016
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pole453.22 AB197417
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3001.92 AB136345
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3001.62 AB165028
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad50052 AB136348
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad2251.0No Tap353143
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad2251.6No Tap353141
13200Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1122.02 AB230579
1380024003 Ph Pad5003.94BN148697
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad1503.72 AB168100
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub3004.72 AB814279
13800277/480Y3 Ph Pad1501.52 AB810008
138004803 Ph Pole302.32 AB806539
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad5003.72 AB347475
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad1501.94BN197418
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad1501.94BN197420
13800277/480Y3 Ph Pad753.62 AB188007
138002403 Ph Pad752.12 AB188006
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad754.52 AB264395
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad754.52 AB244813
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad752.6No Tap302526
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad1121.64BN266010
138004160Y3 Ph Pad1755.12 AB266012
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad753.12 AB266013
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad452.62 AB266015
138004160Y3 Ph Pad754.82 AB266017
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pole452.0324724
13800277/480Y3 Ph Pad1123.22 AB356989
13800277/480Y3 Ph Pad1502.62 AB813536
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad753.12 AB337116
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad5004.92 AB337112
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad3003.82 AB337140
13800120/208Y3 Ph Pad1502.12 AB340316
13800277/480Y3 Ph Pad5004.7SPE358390
13800 T240T3 Ph Pole751.92 AB263736
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