If you see a unit that might fit your needs, please contact us for more details, price and availability. Not all our inventory is listed as we receive transformers weekly. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us as we may have it in stock or we may be able to locate one that will meet your needs.

High Voltage Low Voltage Type KVA Imp Taps Stk#
13200277/480Y3 Ph Sub15002 AB807424
132004160Y3 Ph Sub50005.32 AB809667
13200277/480Y3 Ph Sub10005.42 AB815183
13200277/480Y3 Ph Sub10008.02 AB815177
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad20005.412 AB814201
132004160Y3 Ph Sub75007.772 AB813766
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.82 AB814830
132002400Y3 Ph Sub15005.942 AB813229
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.762 AB814117
13200277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.562 AB813485
13200277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.842 AB814633
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad20005.82 AB813172
1320024003 Ph Sub50007.062 AB814391
1320024003 Ph Sub50005.52 AB814390
132004160Y3 Ph Sub37505.32 AB812166
13200277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.754BN813541
13200277/480Y3 Ph Sub20005.492 AB815179
13200277/480Y3 Ph Sub20005.472 AB815180
132004160Y3 Ph Sub15005.962 AB813926
132004160Y3 Ph Sub15005.912 AB813927
132004160Y3 Ph Sub15005.922 AB813928
132002400Y3 Ph Sub15006.224BN813955
132002400Y3 Ph Sub15006.284BN813956
132004160Y3 Ph Sub10006.162 AB813937
132004160Y3 Ph Sub15006.012 AB813947
132004160Y3 Ph Sub15006.022 AB813946
132004160Y3 Ph Sub15006.02 AB813945
132004160Y3 Ph Sub15005.452 AB813807
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad25005.6%2 AB814634
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad15006.02 AB815213
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad25005.62%2 AB815137
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad25005.72 AB815119
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad25005.72 AB815120
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad10005.82 AB814876
13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad37504.22 AB814952
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.72 AB345906
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.42 AB340096
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10004.92 AB814623
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10006.0%2 AB338912
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad20005.72 AB813967
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.92 AB346280
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.72 AB814541
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.82 AB340237
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.9No Tap815088
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad20005.82 AB814951
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad25006.1%2 AB814817
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad25006.3%2 AB814831
13200Y4160Y3 Ph Pad25005.92 AB808804
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.52 AB808808
13200Y2403 Ph Pad7506.62 AB808588
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10005.2No Tap814542
13200Y4160Y3 Ph Pad25005.92 AB808781
13200Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.82 AB814950
13200Y2403 Ph Pad7502.84BN806044
1380024003 Ph Pad7505.42 AB805056
138004160Y3 Ph Sub75005.52 AB807301
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.64BN808452
138004160Y3 Ph Sub75005.42 AB807952
138002400Y3 Ph Sub7505.32 AB808002
138004160Y3 Ph Sub20005.62 AB814523
138004160Y3 Ph Sub100006.372 AB814332
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub20005.752 AB811401
138004160Y3 Ph Sub75006.12 AB808387
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10005.952 AB814200
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15006.072 AB813487
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.82 AB810002
138004803 Ph Sub7505.372 AB812604
138004160Y3 Ph Sub50005.322 AB814785
138004160Y3 Ph Sub50005.322 AB814784
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15006.12 AB813488
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.72 AB814807
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15006.12 AB807212
138004803 Ph Sub10006.022 AB815218
138004803 Ph Sub25005.492 AB814738
1380024003 Ph Sub15005.122 AB810878
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.8SPE807189
138002400Y3 Ph Sub10002.272 AB808497
138002400Y3 Ph Sub37505.162 AB814178
138004160Y3 Ph Sub50005.332 AB814783
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.662 AB810430
1380024003 Ph Sub25005.32 AB812510
1380024003 Ph Sub50005.522 AB812519
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.742 AB813486
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10008.82 AB350376
138004160Y3 Ph Sub37505.34BN813424
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15007.692 AB811334
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10008.252 AB811333
138002400Y3 Ph Sub20005.472 AB810423
138004160Y3 Ph Sub37505.32 AB812166
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub25006.02 AB814741
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.92 AB350377
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.92 AB350378
1380024003 Ph Sub50005.692 AB810791
138004160Y3 Ph Sub50004.852 AB812405
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub25006.02 AB814740
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.62 AB813481
138004803 Ph Sub15005.52 AB812882
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub25005.92 AB814742
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.82 AB814678
1380024003 Ph Sub75006.82 AB812877
1380024003 Ph Sub75006.82 AB812893
1380024003 Ph Sub75006.12 AB812756
1380024003 Ph Sub750010.02 AB812567
138004160Y3 Ph Sub100005.4%2 AB814930
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.822 AB813483
138004160Y3 Ph Sub37505.54BN813425
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.862 AB813482
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub25006.02 AB814474
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.752 AB812621
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10008.352 AB812597
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.772 AB812595
138004160Y3 Ph Sub37505.242 AB812537
138002400Y3 Ph Sub25006.022 AB812602
138004160Y3 Ph Sub25005.852 AB812538
1380024003 Ph Sub75005.82 AB812474
13800277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.72 AB356986
13800277/480Y3 Ph Pad20002 AB815109
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10008.42 AB814677
138004803 Ph Sub7505.492 AB342129
1380024003 Ph Sub100009.62 AB812436
1380024003 Ph Sub100009.62 AB812437
138002400Y3 Ph Sub25005.52 AB812612
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15007.892 AB813287
138004160Y3 Ph Sub75005.472 AB812507
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.52 AB335542
1380024003 Ph Sub25005.242 AB812176
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.32 AB352015
138004803 Ph Sta15008.92 AB813574
138004803 Ph Pad17506.164BN813575
138004160Y3 Ph Sub75005.442 AB814548
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10005.462 AB814685
138004803 Ph Pad10005.52 AB333731
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.62 AB342130
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.652 AB338538
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.672 AB338537
138004803 Ph Sub10005.822 AB815219
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10008.12 AB814687
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.72 AB814675
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub20005.642 AB814787
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub20005.732 AB814681
138004803 Ph Sub10007.222 AB342131
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10006.02 AB342139
138004803 Ph Sub10005.662 AB814172
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.52 AB814173
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.942 AB814174
138004803 Ph Sub7505.872 AB814177
138004803 Ph Sub7505.812 AB814170
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.962 AB814175
138004160Y3 Ph Sub20005.472 AB814171
138004160Y3 Ph Sub100005.42 AB814929
138004160Y3 Ph Sub75005.332 AB814188
138004160Y3 Ph Sub120005.412 AB814192
138004160Y3 Ph Sub37505.542 AB814585
138004160Y3 Ph Sub37505.532 AB814586
138004803 Ph Sub20006.122 AB814607
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.752 AB814600
138004803 Ph Sub20006.032 AB814608
138004160Y3 Ph Sub60006.022 AB814682
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.752 AB815135
13800277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.75%2 AB815136
1380024003 Ph Stati75005.62 AB815237
13800 D4160 D3 Ph Pad10006.02 AB303301
22860Y/13200277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.62 AB352506
select substring(Style#,6,3) as HV_extract,* from tblTrinv where (TYPE like '3%') and (kva > 500) and substring(Style#,6,3) in ('132', '133', '138') order by HV