If you see a unit that might fit your needs, please contact us for more details, price and availability. Not all our inventory is listed as we receive transformers weekly. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us as we may have it in stock or we may be able to locate one that will meet your needs.

High Voltage Low Voltage Type KVA Imp Taps Stk#
14400277/480Y3 Ph Pad5004.02 AB188127
14400277/480Y3 Ph Pad5004.5SPE358389
24940277/480Y3 Ph Sub5006.32 AB811699
24940Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad5005.2STD. J352657
24940Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1124.2STD. J270258
24940Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad751.12 AB346064
24940Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad2251.6No Tap102775
24940Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad5005.2STD. J352656
24940Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1122.22 AB278644
24940Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad1501.8No Tap335404
24940Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3001.7No Tap335403
24940Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3001.7No Tap335411
24940Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3004.02 AB346423
24940Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad5002.2No Tap359553
24940Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1505.12 AB348774
24940Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad2253.32 AB357341
24940Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad5004.32 AB357638
24940Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad3001.7No Tap357640
24940Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad5004.5No Tap358457
24940Y277/480Y3 Ph Sub5004.82 AB808159
24940Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad1504.9No Tap237608
select substring(Style#,6,3) as HV_extract,* from tblTrinv where (TYPE like '3%') and (kva <= 500) and substring(Style#,6,3) in ('144', '249', '248') order by HV