If you see a unit that might fit your needs, please contact us for more details, price and availability. Not all our inventory is listed as we receive transformers weekly. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us as we may have it in stock or we may be able to locate one that will meet your needs.

High Voltage Low Voltage Type KVA Imp Taps Stk#
11500380Y3 Ph Sub7505.672 AB807569
120004160Y3 Ph Sta20005.32 AB806251
120002400Y3 Ph Sub75005.662 AB811276
120002400Y3 Ph Sub75005.62 AB811283
12000277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.612 AB814348
120004160Y3 Ph Sub15005.92 AB813940
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.572 AB815007
124704160Y3 Ph Sub15005.92 AB813934
124704160Y3 Ph Sub15005.82 AB813935
124704160Y3 Ph Sub15005.82 AB813936
124704160Y3 Ph Sub15005.932 AB813938
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub15008.182 AB814105
124704160Y3 Ph Pad25005.66No Tap814087
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub25005.942 AB814216
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub25005.862 AB814217
1247024003 Ph Sub15005.462 AB342027
12470266/460Y3 Ph Sub20006.032 AB814460
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub25005.62 AB814666
124704160Y3 Ph Sub10005.04BN814672
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad20005.7%2 AB815140
124706003 Ph Sub37505.332 AB814550
124704160Y3 Ph Sub15005.82 AB814531
124704160Y3 Ph Pad15005.672 AB814561
12470266/460Y3 Ph Sub20006.092 AB814463
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad20005.62 AB352500
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad20005.62 AB352501
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub25007.02 AB815249
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub25007.02 AB815248
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub25006.92 AB815247
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub25007.02 AB815245
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad25005.82 AB815288
124702400Y3 Ph Sub75005.452 AB811282
124704160Y3 Ph Sub50005.842 AB812048
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub20005.92 AB811239
124706900Y3 Ph Sub20005.782 AB812540
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub20005.772 AB812201
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.652 AB812070
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad30005.8%2 AB815141
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub10005.732 AB812071
124704160Y3 Ph Sub25005.312 AB813083
124704803 Ph Sub25005.392 AB810895
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad10005.42 AB350383
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub20005.812 AB813085
124704160Y3 Ph Pad25005.42 AB813207
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub25005.62 AB814665
124704160Y3 Ph Pad37505.962 AB813208
1247024003 Ph Sub15004.52 AB332122
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.7%2 AB815143
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.42 AB815144
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.75%2 AB815139
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad10005.752 AB813345
124702400Y3 Ph Sub20005.522 AB815171
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.9%2 AB814651
124704160Y3 Ph Sub37505.32 AB812166
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub15005.82 AB813828
124702400Y3 Ph Pad20005.692 AB815170
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad20005.7%2 AB815142
12470266/460Y3 Ph Sub25006.012 AB814461
124704803 Ph Pad7505.35No Tap810647
124702400Y3 Ph Sub25005.22 AB808478
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub10005.92 AB317354
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad20005.592 AB814497
124704803 Ph Sub20006.022 AB814320
12470266/460Y3 Ph Sub25006.112 AB814462
124704803 Ph Pad7505.72 AB814824
12470277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.72 AB814344
124702400Y3 Ph Sub37505.72 AB808433
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.62 AB811385
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.82 AB811343
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.822 AB305820
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.82 AB811344
124704160Y3 Ph Sub20005.352 AB812764
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.52 AB330872
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub10006.02 AB347360
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub7505.72 AB347361
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad7505.752 AB812962
12470120/208Y3 Ph Pad7505.752 AB812961
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub7504.52 AB347362
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.792 AB305819
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub10007.842 AB305818
12470277/480Y3 Ph Sub7502 AB811314
1247041603 Ph Sub10005.32 AB350382
124702400Y3 Ph Sub25006.492 AB813279
124704803 Ph Pad15005.72 AB815080
124704160Y3 Ph Sub50002.862 AB814884
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.92 AB814816
12470Y24003 Ph Sub20005.82 AB347482
12470Y4160Y3 Ph Pad25006.2%2 AB814815
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad7505.52 AB288760
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10006.12 AB354989
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.5%2 AB813243
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10006.02 AB350105
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.752 AB358650
12470Y4803 Ph Sub20005.72 AB347481
12470Y24003 Ph Pad15005.752 AB807283
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.8No Tap281561
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad7505.7No Tap281565
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.62 AB281569
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10006.02 AB337067
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10005.32 AB337077
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad25005.652 AB814498
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.42 AB340830
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad25005.62 AB814489
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.62 AB810559
12470Y4160Y3 Ph Stati35007.12 AB815009
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad7506.2No Tap347467
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.42 AB342478
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10006.02 AB352087
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10005.6No Tap357637
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10006.0No Tap357639
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10005.9No Tap357480
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.92 AB354370
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7502.02 AB354990
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.82 AB354980
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.82 AB355661
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad15005.52 AB348380
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.62 AB352505
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.02 AB814111
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.9No Tap350103
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.8No Tap350104
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad10006.02 AB352088
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.72 AB352089
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.5No Tap352840
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.52 AB343260
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7504.62 AB337892
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7504.92 AB337893
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7506.12 AB814107
12470Y120/208Y3 Ph Pad7505.72 AB813681
12470Y277/480Y3 Ph Pad7505.62 AB813965
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