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At Alamo Transformer, we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious. In fact, the whole premise of our business rests on doing what we can do to repair and reuse the original parts in your transformer. We won’t compromise the integrity, quality or reliability of the transformer, but we will do what we can to repair the transformer at the lowest cost possible. This allows you to put a little more green in your pocket and reduce your environmental footprint.

ATSCO has been, and is, environmentally compliant. We subject ourselves to frequent certifications and audits by both our utility and industrial customers as well as outside agencies such as the EPA and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Additionally, Alamo Transformer maintains an Environmentally Safe Workplace. ATSCO is a voluntary participant in the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s (TCEQ) Small Business Assistance Program. ATSCO has a clean environmental record and all transformers are certified to be Non PCB before any work is performed.

ATSCO stands behind our products and services offering a full warranty on the repair work we do for our customers, the on-site services we provide and the transformers we sell. For full warranty terms Click Here


ATSCO is careful to follow detailed work orders and customer specifications. This adherence to customer’s standards throughout the repair process verifies the integrity of the transformer before final assembly and ensures the transformer will meet or exceed original specifications, making for a reliable final product. All parts and materials used in the repair process are purchased from recognized industry leaders.

Alamo Transformer is one of the very few repair companies that utilizes vacuum drying and filling in its oil filling process. This process allows for the transformer to be filled with vacuum dehydrated mineral oil under a full vacuum, or as the tank design permits, resulting in the oil being dry and free of gases.

Although Mineral Oil is the most common insulating fluid, Alamo Transformer can provide many alternative fluids to fit your needs. These alternative fluids are: Biodegradable organics (i.e. FR3™, BIO-Temp©), Silicones and Alpha and Beta Fluids.


Depending on OEM and customer specifications, transformers are rewound using copper or aluminum conductors. After disassembly of the core and coil unit, all electrical parameters are verified, insulation is sized and cut and the rewind process begins.

After the coil is wound, the core and coil unit is reassembled and all leads are reconnected. When completely assembled a
preliminary test is performed to validate that all design parameters have been met. ATSCO employees pay careful attention to rewind procedures to ensure a long life and trouble free operation of all rewound ATSCO transformers.

Rental Units

ATSCO carries a stock supply of reconditioned single and three phase transformers with a range of up to 25 MVA and a voltage range up to 138 KV.

ATSCO rents single and three phase distribution and power transformers, dry-type transformers and step voltage regulators on short and long term leases.

Field Service & Preventative Maintenance

ATSCO offers on-site Field Service solutions and/or on-site consultation for many of the minor problems that arise in the everyday use of transformers. Where permitted, trained personnel and technicians will travel to your facility or field location to assess and repair common problems such as leaking or damaged bushing gaskets, damaged radiators or complete replacement of insulating fluid. We can also serve as consultants advising your personnel on necessary repairs.

Quality Assurance & Testing

All units undergo incoming and final testing. Upon arrival all units are evaluated to determine the actual cause of failure, if any, in order to properly characterize the level of repair required. After evaluation, all units are repaired at the least expense to the customer. Customers are kept apprised of their job, often coming in to witness key milestones throughout the repair process. When it comes to painting, our paint system has always met or exceeded the standard paint quality of the OEM’s. In Houston we only use a high grade polyurethane coating with an epoxy coal tar undercoating due to the petrochemical industry’s harsh and demanding environment. ATSCO standard tests performed on the transformers that we repair, rewind and recondition.

ATSCO provides added value to customers by utilizing a true vacuum drying/filling process where we vacuum dry all oil prior to filling. The second step in the process is filling. We then vacuum fill all single phase distribution transformers. When applicable, ATSCO vacuum fills three phase substations.

Alamo Transformer employs one of the most strenuous testing procedures in the service industry. Our test procedures include standard ANSI tests.

ATSCO standard tests performed on the transformers that we repair, rewind and recondition.

Production Line Tests:
Single/Three Phase Transformers
Excitation Test Turns Ratio Test
No Load Losses Full Load Losses
Impedance Induced Test
(2x’s Rated Voltage)
Dielectric Test
Applied Voltage
(High Potential Test)
Production Line Tests:
Single Phase Only
Production Line Tests:
Three Phase Only
Polarity Phase Relation
Power Factor by Doble or
Capacitance Bridge
(750 KVA and above)
Winding Resistance

While many repair facilities offer some of these tests, we believe you will find that very few, if any, perform all of these tests as part of their standard testing routine.

Surplus & Salvage

ATSCO has years of experience with reclamation services to utilities and industrial clients nationwide. ATSCO has the ability to pick up and properly dispose of surplus, obsolete and decommissioned single and three phase distribution and power transformers from 5 KVA to 30 MVA and beyond.

Alamo Transformer Supply Company

Alamo Transformer Supply Company

Alamo Transformer Supply Company

Alamo Transformer Supply Company

Alamo Transformer Supply Company

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